Monday, December 29, 2014

Chapter Christmas Party

Every year at the Christmas time several of the District and Grand Officers from our District get together to fellowship and relax. Tonight was the night we chose this year and despite a last minute conflict for some with another Masonic meeting, we had a nice turnout at Marion's Pizza by the Dayton Mall.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas as we are taking a few days off this week to celebrate Christmas and attend to some family activities. Next week things will start back up hot and heavy so hoping for some good weather and a win next week for THE Ohio State University on New Year's Day.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Royal Arch Chapter School

Today was the 3rd District School of instruction in the Past Master Degree in West Carrollton at Friendship Chapter. While I originally planned to go to the Cincinnati four Chapter Inspection degree day at Loveland, the events of the past week required me to get some other tasks accomplished this afternoon and the School was scheduled only for the morning. We had a good turnout and many good questions while the DDGHPs kept it moving along yet light and infused with some humor during the morning so it didn't get too boring. I'm hoping the rest of the ritual instruction meeting go this well.

Charlemagne RCC

Tonight was the Red Cross of Constantine meeting in Findlay at the Country Club for our annual Christmas Party and Installation of Officers. They had a great dinner and many distinguished guests along with Deputy Harvey Lowry and Past Grand Sovereign Birch Zehner were present. Since I am in line here I was installed along with Richard Herr the new Sovereign and Viceroy John Clime. The outgoing Sovereign Jack Allen was congratulated for a great job this past year. I was especially glad we got done early as it allowed me time to get home and get my 5 miles walking for the day done (on the treadmill) before midnight.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Khana Shahar/Ormus Grotto Joint Installation

Tonight was joint installation for these two Grotto's held in Springfield and Installed by Past Monarch Marty Trent. The new Monarch for Ormus is Keith Newton, Grand Marshal Grand Lodge of Ohio who indicated he "liked the aspect of working with and helping kids and families as a reason for joining and becoming involved". Bruce Seaburn State President for the Ohio Grotto Association was present in addition to Tom Schlipp District Deputy. The new Monarch for Khana Shahar indicate he wanted to work with Ormus to have some joint fun activities during the year.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sad Update on Pam's Mom

While Pam encouraged me to go to the Inspection I had planned at Oriental Chapter in West Salem, I decided I needed to be with her and I'm glad for the decision which I made. This evening after 86 years, Pam's mom took her last breath and passed on. While it is always a sad time when someone passes, her mom got her last requests honored about how she would go and passed away peacefully at Hospice with Pam and myself present. The folks there were fantastic and they definitely offer a peaceful atmosphere to spend your final days. As her mom's health had deteriorated greatly over the past couple of years (to the point she could no longer leave the house except to go to the doctors) she had finally come to the point where she would have no longer been able to stay in her own home and must have realized it as she always she that she hoped to pass on before leaving her home for some type of adult care facility.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

70 Year Plaque Presentation

While there has been little to no change for Pam's mother on her condition, today I took a little time out of our around the clock vigil with her mother to attend a 70 year plaque presentation. The Grand High Priest presented to a Past High Priest (also Past Master) of Mt. Moriah chapter in the 3rd District a 70 year plaque. In talking with him at the time he served he was the youngest in the state serving and the youngest in the Chapter's history. He seemed in good health even despite a recent car accident. It was a nice event at Bethany Village where he is living with the current High Priest of Mt. Moriah chapter also being present in addition to several other Grand Chapter officers.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Shrine Stated Meeting - Almost

Well late last night it became apparent that Pam's mom is not going to recover this time. They, however, send us home as they felt it would be a couple more days but early this morning they called and told us we should come back. Today was the stated meeting and elections at the Shrine so I stopped by the Shrine to hand over some information about the Cabiri Christmas Party I am in charge of tomorrow and then went back over to Hospice. (I also backed off going to the meeting in Lima for the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests which I had today as well) We stayed the entire day and I just came back home for a while and will probably be going right back. I probably won't be writing anything until this situation is done but hopefully she won't suffer much longer.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Adoniram Council #131 Inspection

Tonight was the inspection for my Council. We had 17 PIM present and around a total of 40 of our members in attendance. I have now moved to close to the front of the PIM line but there were still two present who served before me (I was IM 26 years ago). They were inspected in the SM degree and did a good job. There were to many dignitaries to mention in attendance but one was the Grand Illustrious Master Lynn Alexander. I'm hoping for a good day tomorrow ... so far this week it hasn't been the best news including some complications with work.

Ervin Leonard Viewing

Well last night I was headed to Lima to two Chapter Inspections but got a call from Pam that her mother had taken a turn for the worse so I turned around and headed over to Hospice (she is still hanging on right now). Tonight I had another viewing for a Past Master of Mystic Lodge who was active in the 70's and early 80's but who I got to be better friends with from another fraternal organization. At 86 he was still outside working when he apparently had a heart attack. Not a good week 3 viewing so far this week and one to go Sunday for our Commandery Prelate's Mother.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lloyd Cole viewing

Today was the viewing for a Past High Priest and Past Master of my Lodge. Lloyd though had something a little different than most he was blind and despite this did all his own floorwork and was a superior ritualist. In addition, he was the Worshipful Master who asked me to start in line back in 1985. Most probably never knew he was blind as he never missed a beat on the floorwork and conducted the candidates as Senior Deacon like he was not blind. He also marched one year with us in Commandery and actually did the sword manual. Unfortunately around 15 years ago he started int he early stages of Alzheimer's and progressed very quickly to the point where he didn't recognize people. He had to move into a nursing home and has lived there since that time. Everyone who ever met him loved him and his quick wit and great humor was something I will never forget....but the one thing that I will always remember was he never missed a funeral. I asked him why he went out of his way and he said "it is the last thing you will ever get to do for that brother and I never want to regret not doing what I could for him". It has always stuck with me and is something I try to do whenever possible myself. So long friend.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Samaritan Chapter #50 Inspection

Tonight I travelled to Coshocton Ohio for the annual Inspection in the Mark Master Degree. The 14th District, which this Chapter is located, is part of my region for this year. Two Past Grand High Priests, who are now both from this District, were present: MEC Alan Hart and MEC John Gartrell. This is not my first time here and if my plans stay true, I will also be here for Lodge, Council and Commandery Inspections during this Inspection season. The room here is uniquely shaped as it is wider than it is long.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bill Purdy Viewing

Tonight was the viewing and Masonic Services for Past Grand High Priest Bill Purdy. I've know Bill for probably 25 years and earlier this year I found a little red change purse he gave out when he was Grand High Priest. When I mentioned it to him he just said, "if you want more I still have plenty". The trip to Spencerville seemed shorter than normal (or I'm just getting back in the driving groove since Inspection season has started back up). An update on my mother-in-law is that she seemed to have stabilized and is doing better. Unfortunately, I received three more notices yesterday about funerals this week for friends from different groups.....hopefully things will get less hectic soon.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Shrine Jesters Christmas Party

Tonight was the annual Jesters Christmas Party at Antioch Shrine. While I was lucky to make it as I spent the afternoon in the emergency room with Pam who had to take her mother to the hospital today (she was admitted tonight and doesn't seem to be doing real good but at 86 sometimes it is tough to have a good day). The party was a good break from the craziness which has been going on at work, with my mother-in-law and activities going on outside work. We had a great dinner and then told some jokes and departed for home early. It made for a short yet enjoyable break.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Plans Changed

Well originally I was headed north to Tiffin for Chapter Inspection this morning and then to Xenia for their Chapter Inspection finishing up with the Grand Illustrious Master Reception. Around midnight last night they sent a note that we would have a meeting this morning and then several would be working today afterwards. I decided not to go north but head straight to Xenia. I made the right choice as the meeting this morning ran long and I would have driven to Tiffin only to miss the Inspection. I then started out to go to Xenia but as I was turning off to go on SR 35, Pam called and told me she needed me for an emergency with her mother. So I turned around and headed over to help her get her mother from off the floor as she had fallen and by the time we got done there, it was time to head south to Cincinnati to the Grand Illustrious Master Reception. Finally, I made it to an event today. It was a nice reception despite it having to be moved from the original location due to it being closed. Tomorrow is another day and while I have two non Masonic events: a fund raising telethon and memorial service and ending the day with a WSU BBall game ... hopefully it will go off as planned but we will see.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Twin Valley #240 Chapter Inspection

Tonight was a close trip over to Farmersville for inspection in the Mark Master Degree at the home chapter of MEC George Shell. MEC Steve Duncan was also in attendance. This Chapter has many distinguished members including Rec Bob Oldfather PDDGHP, REC Fred Gallo PDDGHP, and EC Mac Polston DEO. EC Earl Gorsuch a 70 year member and Steve Goad Commander-in-Chief Valley Dayton are also members of this Chapter in all they had s great turnout with around 50+ in attendance. It was nice to be back in my District tonight near my home. Oh and especially nice my Chapter come out with a dozen members and again won the traveling alter cloth.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Grand River #104 Chapter Inspection

Since I stayed overnight last night, my first stop today was by the lighthouse my pin is designed for this year. I also determined that I really am used to having every moment of my life pre-planned (luckily by me) since today I was a little bored since I was "waiting around" for the inspection to start. The inspection this evening was at Rock Creek which is the home chapter of the DDGHP Doug Dolan so he had a PDDGHP do the Inspection. We had visitors from the 16th and 19th District and again had a good attendance in addition to good ritual work. It was a long drive back which was made even longer since a headlight went out and I got pulled over twice to "let me know". I actually even stopped and picked up the replacement lights but the installation takes pulling the whole light so I decided to wait until I got home since it was after midnight.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Painesville #46 Chapter Inspection

Wow tonight was definitely better weather than the last time I was in Painesville when we had a blizzard! The inspection was in the Past Master Degree but the little extras (including music) they added to the degree made this a night in which I was really glad I was in attendance. They also had a good attendance for the evening and kept everything moving so we still got done early. I was staying overnight to attend the inspection tomorrow so I was able to get back to the hotel early as well. I did, however, make a stop at the Spudnuts for a donut since it is one of the only places I know which makes donuts with potatoes.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ormus Grotto Stated Meeting

Tonight was the stated meeting and elections for my Grotto. Keith Newton was elected as the new Monarch (Grand Marshal Grand Lodge) and our outgoing Monarch is Skip Vanderhorst. We also discussed and brought a motion to the floor (and it will be voted on in March) to change the stated meetings from first Tuesday to third Wednesday. while it would open the first Tuesday of the month, outside of Inspection session, to attend my chapter; I am going to remain neutral since I will miss meeting either way. It may, however, be good for more than just myself since it opens the possibility of those at the nearby temple in Fairborn Lodge to join and those in Dayton Commandery (both have stated meetings first Tuesday of the month).

Weekly Travels For December

While often my travels are dictated by my work schedule, I am going to try keep at a running monthly schedule of potential Chapter related visits/events outside our area (with an occasional Lodge, Council or Commandery Inspection as well). If anyone from my area is interested in traveling with me, contact me and we will see what we can do.

Week of 12/1
• Wednesday 3 20th District Painesville Chapter #46 Inspection (overnight stay)
• Thursday 4 20th District Grand River Chapter #106 Inspection
• Saturday 6 7th District Seneca Chapter #42 Inspection at Tiffin (AM)

Week of 12/8
• Tuesday 9 5th District Chillicothe Chapter #4 Inspection
• Wednesday 10 14th District Samaritan Chapter #50 Inspection
• Thursday 11 2nd Lima #49 & Wampakoneta #183 Chapter Inspection at Lima

Week of 12/15 (through end of month)
• Monday 15 16th District Summit Chapter #74 Inspection at Twinsburg
• Thursday 18 10th District Oriental Chapter #128 Inspection at West Salem
• Saturday 20 4th District Batavia/Morrow/Blanchester/Loveland Chapter Inspections at Loveland
•Tuesday 30 5th District MML #4 Jeffersonville Chapter Inspection

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dayton Hi 12 Installation

Today I went to the Installation of my Hi 12 Club in Dayton. While I am not able to attend regularly due to work, I try to make it a point periodically to attend. I always remember that while I was in DeMolay the Hi-12 supported me when it was time to attend Leadership Camp. Joe Fair was again installed as President by Past International President Tom Bevington. Rollin Furnas was recognized for the excellent work he has done with the Walcutt Foundation raising Ohio from 7th in the nation to 2nd in funds raised.

Valley Commandery - Order of Malta

Tonight I headed down to my Commandery to help them out as they were performing the full form Order of Malta this evening. I say full form since most Commanderies only do the obligation or a shortened version of the full form. We had a nice turnout and had several who came down to "help out". The candidate was the Worshipful Master two years ago of my Lodge which meets in the Temple. I'm very excited to have him join as he did a very nice job as Worshipful Master and is always willing to help out and has lots of good ideas. I did the second banner before I had to leave since I have a nightly work meeting this evening.