Saturday, July 29, 2017

3rd District Kings Program

Tonight we met at the Marions piazza by the Dayton Mall with the ladies and REC Keith Green came in to present his program for next year. We had 50+ in attendance who we provided food and drinks. After a few announcements on behalf of the District including our Luau on September 30th at the Dayton Elks, he introduces his program and at the end personally greeted each High Priest or their representative. He also introduces REC Bob Neilsen who is being endorsed to start in the Grand Line in October.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Khana Shahar

Tonight was the stated meeting in Springfield and I had some business that I needed to attend to with their Grotto and Ormus Grotto. While the crowd was small we got done the necessary business. We had a dinner of fried bologna or hamburgers and chips prior to the meeting. It was good to see Paul Thompson out even though he still has several issues he is combating.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Cabiri Dinner

While I had planned to attend the 7th Capitular District Grand High Priest Reception yesterday, it is a good thing I decided I needed to stay home as I ended up feeling worse as the day went on until I finally went to sleep for about 3 hours and then felt better when I got up, Tonight many of the Past Potentates got together with the wives to have dinner together, I was surprised that the crowd was as large as it was since it was a Mexican restaurant and I thought several might not eat Mexican ... but I was wrong! Unfortunately since we finished so late I was unable to make a Commandery drill practice we had.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

17 District GHP Reception and Awards

Today was the Reception for the GHP Jeff Addis and Awards Night for the 17th Capitular District in Kent Ohio. Also Present were REC Ross Black Grand Scribe and Robert Childress Grand Chaplain. DDGHP Frank Schenk and Robert Neubaum DDGHP from the 16th District were also present. They had a nice dinner followed by awards for the 17th District. PGHP Dale Ray was in attendance and he and Jackie were presented with a lifetime achievement award.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ormus Grotto Stated Meeting

Tonight was our monthly stated meeting. Most of the usual attendees were in attendance and were worked on activities for the remainder of the year along with trying to see what can be done to get existing members who have outstanding dues to pay them. We came up with some ideas and also reviewed the upcoming state events. From these ideas we discussed, we decided our Installation will probably be on our stated meeting in December.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Surprise Awaiting on Return

Well we had a surprise awaiting us on the return home as a major part of the tree in the back yard fell and crashed the trampoline and needed to be cleaned up. While we made a good start on it today, I'm guessing tomorrow will be needed to finish the clean-up. Since I was planning on taking down the trampoline anyways since Laura is no longer living around here, it help to speed up the need to get rid of it (though luckily I had not put up the spring or deck for the trampoline so they are still in good condition).

Sunday, July 16, 2017

3rd District Picnic

Today was the joint 3rd District and 3rd Arch Picnic. As we have done for several years this is an informal picnic where we fellowship make a few announcements, eat and go home. Today was no different and we had a very good turnout as the Shelter house was full on a very hot and humid day. Luckily we had a slight breeze today.

July 5 -16 Shrine Imperial

This year the Shrine Imperial was held in Daytona Beach Florida and as a Colorado Rep for the Hospitals I'm supposed to attend the Imperial Session. This year we took a few days to get there and return as they offered camping which we and several others from Antioch took them up on it. It was hot but so hot the first couple of days there you really couldn't hardly go outside. (It did cool down some after that point). I think everyone camping had some story of a vehicle/camper malfunction but I guarantee it will be memorable. We did take time time eat at Joe's Crab Shack on the pier and walk down the beach as well as get in the pool a few days. Next year they are holding the session the same location and will again offer camping.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Laura Joins the Elks in Dayton

While I usually limit my posts to Masonic related activities, I thought this was of significance since Laura became the fourth generation to join the Dayton Elks today just prior to our annual family picnic. (Her finance joined a few month back). Although they now live in Knoxville Tennessee, we wanted them to join the lodge our "family" had joined over the years. While this is Pam's side of the family, there has been at least one member who belonged since the 1940's. Pam grandfather, mother and father, Pam and I, and now Jacob and Laura have been members of  Dayton Elks 58.