Thursday, June 29, 2017

AMD Meeting

Tonight was our AMD meeting in Middletown. We had a fairly decent showing. We covered our normal business and brought Claude Siebel into membership.  Afterwards we went downstairs and had fellowship and refreshments. I'm really glad we started formally opening and closing the meeting a few years back as I think it has improved our interest in the meetings.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Greeters Meeting

Tonight was the monthly meeting for the Shrine Greeters and I went to it as I am a member of this group. Unfortunately we got some bad health reports on several members including one who was President of the club last year and filled in this year for the first half of the year up to last month. Unfortunately his report was the worst as they found cancer and gave him 6 months with aggressive treatment. Just another good reminder that we should be thankful every day for everything we have as things can change very quickly.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Grotto Supreme Toledo

Over the past three days I have been at the Grotto Supreme Convention where Mark McCombs from Ohio was presiding. I was luck enough to earn an Excellence in Ritual Work for the Opening/Closing Ceremonies for the Grotto last year. Marty Trent was elected Grand Treasurer and David Korb from Yusef Khan near Akron was elected to start in the line. Mike Dempsey from Indianapolis was elected to the new Grand Monarch. Ohio was definitely well represented in all the proceeding and I'm looking forward to next year in Indianapolis.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Scottish Rite Scholarship Dinner

Tonight we went to the Scottish Rite Scholarship to represent Laura, who is already at summer school, as she received a Scholarship from the Valley of Dayton. She has really been working hard and we are very proud of her. All together I think they had around 12 scholarships in which they gave out. They had a nice dinner prior to the program but where able to keep  it short so I was able to head over to our Grotto stated meeting afterwards. 

Ormus Grotto Stated Meeting

After the dinner at Scottish Rite I headed over to the stated business meeting. As the new Secretary for them I had some business I had to accomplish prior to heading out tomorrow for Toledo for the Supreme session. As we are a small group we have had several starts and restarts as we try to move this group forward over the years. We have a couple newer folks from two new areas and am hoping now that we will be able to start to build.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

3rd District Joint Installation

Tonight four of the Grand Officers installed the officers for the Chapters in the 3rd Capitular District in Middletown Ohio. REC Ross Black, REC Ron Hart and REC Rod Carr all joined with me to install the officers. MEC Steve Duncan gave the Charge to the Chapters and installed the new District Officers. The evening began with a good dinner and then we moved into installing the officers of the Chapter followed by the District Awards and finishing up with the District Officers being installed.

Friday, June 16, 2017

DeMolay International

Well over the past few days I was making my way to Buffalo New York for the DeMolay International Session. As an Active Member of the International Supreme Council I am privileged and honored (and required) to attend and vote at all of their sessions. I left on Wednesday right after installing the Unity Chapter officers and returning Saturday (early AM) so I can attend the 3rd District Joint Installation for RAM Chapter. Pam went with me so we made a couple stops on the way and also as we left to get back. It was actually a very fun yet long drive. It also didn't leave much time for sleep as were in sessions most of the time I was there. We voted on several issues and elected new leaders for the organization.  Since we were so close we did make a quick stop at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo and Niagara Falls along with the Dunkirk Lighthouse.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Unity Chapter #16 Stated/Installation

Today was the Installation in which I installed the officers for Unity Chapter. All offices were filled and three long time multiple time High Priests were no longer required to be officers. In total we had 18 members present. There were also about 6-8 of those present who have difficulty driving at night so meeting during the day has made them regular attendees. Prior to the Installation we had a buffet lunch. After the Installation, we had cake and punch. I'm now headed home to get ready to attend DeMolay International session.

Monday, June 12, 2017

ROJ Meeting

Well after a week with the family on our first all family vacation in memory of my mom's passing last year to her favorite vacation location, I'm back on the Masonic circuit today attending the ROJ meeting at Antioch Shrine. I really hated missing the funeral services for my good friend MEC Jerry Crawford but was able to see him the night before his passing. Jerry was always very helpful to me. We held a short business meeting today and then had a lunch before departing. I should be getting the circus parking check this week since I was told it was mailed on Friday. While I had planned to head to a meeting tonight, I decided against it since since I have lots to do before heading later this week to Buffalo for the DeMolay International session.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

OCD and Red Hat Banquet

As I thought last night, I got hung up on some items I had to get done today and didn't make the viewing for Joe Diamond. Rest in peace my friend. I also found out this morning that the person I referred to as my second dad, MEC Jerry Crawford passed away overnight. I was glad tonight was going to be a little happier occasion. Tonight was the OCD banquet for OCD where we had dinner and then presented the Red Hats to the recipients from each Valley for outstanding service to Scottish Rite. In Dayton, Ray Foschnot and McKinley Polston received their Red Hats and also receiving one tonight was our own Grand Master of the 1st Veil Ken Foy. There were many dignitaries there, more than I care to mention individually, so I'll just provide some pictures.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Visit Jerry Crawford

Well it definitely doesn't look good this evening for MEC Crawford. Most of his family is here but at this point he is fairly unresponsive and only shows pain on his face when the nurse tries to move him. Doris seems as upbeat as you can imagine given Jerry's condition but knows it is probably just a matter of time and doesn't want him to suffer any more. We all stayed until the nurse came in to get him ready for bed and clean him up. Doris and Jerry have always been like a second mom and dad for me. I'm really gong to miss him when he's gone. I'm hoping to make it up for my long time friend Joe Diamond's viewing tomorrow, but might not be able to with several tasks that have to get done tomorrow.