Monday, July 28, 2014

Cabiri Meeting

Tonight was more of a social event meeting than a working meeting though we did discuss several upcoming events along with some changes/clarifications from the Potentate. I think it is good to have some social meetings, especially during the summer months, when most Masonic groups are not meeting. After a brief meeting (and some bad jokes) everyone dispersed to their homes until our picnic next month.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Celina Shrine Parade

The Celina Parade is almost always one of the most well attended parades of the year. I would assume it was again this year despite lots of rain right before the parade. I say that because while I went to Celina for the parade after I got done driving the two hours to get there, we got a call from our daughter indicating they were taking her to the hospital with a potential concussion from being hit in the head. Since we were not sure how severe it might be, we took care of a couple pieces of business we needed in the staging area and headed back to the hospital in Fairborn to get the official notice from the doctors. When we got back we were relieved to find out that she probably didn't actually have a concussion though for the next two days we will need to monitor her closely including waking her up every couple of hours the first night.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Working Dragons Game

What a beautiful night to work at the Dragons and many people must have thought it was a great night to come to the game since we were swamped with work tonight. (Which is a good thing!) I will admit I was definitely tired after working tonight and the only positive was that since we were working a booth which closes before the end of the game, I was able to get home in time to finish my last 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill (which made me even more tired). I really didn't want to miss my goal today since I'm now on my 3rd month of my daily walking goal and since I'm now up to around 6 miles a day (walking only), it takes some time to make the daily goal.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Shrine Leadership Meeting

Tonight was Antioch Shrine's bi-monthly Leadership Meeting. Every other month we have a meeting in which the Leadership of Antioch meets with the Club and Unit Leaders and any other member who wishes to attend. We talk about past events and how to improve them for the future, address concerns from prior events, and discuss how upcoming events will be handled along with any schedule changes. Since the format change started for these meetings to addressed items, the attendance has increased at the meetings and more who are not Directors/Presidents have started to attend as all present have a voice in the working of the organization. These meetings are also kept informal (but structured) so we usually get allot accomplished in under 2 hours (last night it was around an hour for the meeting and several items were addressed).

Sunday, July 20, 2014

3rd Arch/District Picnic

Today was the 3rd District/Arch Picnic which is held jointly at Wilson Park in West Carrollton as it has been now for many years. It is a good way to give some brief updates and reminders but more importantly just a time to fellowship and relax together. Our Deputy Grand Illustrious Master, Lynn Alexander stressed the importance of all of us working together especially in the area of membership. After everyone was full (and ready to head home for a nap), the picnic disperse. All of this is put on by our District Officers/DEOs and DDGHPs (with Council taking care of the shelter reservation and buns) who did another great job on the day.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ohio DeMolay Conclave

I will start out with the normal DeMolay summary..."and a fun time was had by all". I helped to take several of the 18 DeMolay's which RH McMillan in Xenia took to Conclave this weekend. Greg Fyffe of RH McMillan was elected the new Deputy State Master Councilor. But before I let all the happens out of the bag at once, Thursday's extra activity was for those Chapters who achieved their membership goals. Friday we had our opening session, Legion of Honor and Masonic Recognition. REC Kieth O'Dell, Grand King, was one the Legion of Honor receipts who was on the Advisory Council for many years at West Union. Our Grand High Priest Robert Thomas, who is also a Senior DeMolay, was present and gave some inspiring words (along with the always nice check). On Saturday, we recognized two new Governors Don Van Horn in the 2nd District Cleveland who is replacing Ed Hmapton who was retiring along with Randy Clark for the 7th District (SW Ohio) who replaced Mike Himes on his retirement. I know both of these retiring Governors have put in several years of hard work and will continue helping DeMolay out whenever possible in the future. In addition, A.J. Thomas was installed as the new State Master Councilor for the retiring SMC Sam Cohen. After a reception and dance on Saturday most crashed in the rooms to prepare for the long journey home on Sunday.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Preparing to Leave For Ohio DeMolay Conclave

Today I am getting ready to attend the Ohio DeMolay Conclave which starts tomorrow. This year I've been asked to transport a van load of Demolay's to Kent State for the Conclave. When I get back I'll have a full report including pictures and hopefully I'll see the Grand High Priest there as well.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shrine Imperial Week

Well starting on Saturday the 5th, we began our track to Minneapolis for the Shrine Imperial Session. We had lots of questions surrounding when we would actually be able to leave but luckily resolved all of them in time to leave on Saturday afternoon. We have been trying to attend a place called Medieval Times several times over the past few years and were finally able to make it on the way to Minneapolis. We had dinner and a show and it was a great way to start a week of from work (well almost off...I did have several hundred emails for work to read through but almost all will wait until this next week to address). We then got up early and proceeded to Minneapolis. The session was from Monday through Thursday and there were no major new items which were decided. We did, however, receive our second straight year of positive membership growth award which started in my year of 2012. On our trip back we went over to the Wisconsin Dells and Door County Wisconsin for some lighthouse and scenery cruising and a little bit of wine tasting. It was a really nice break from the normal pace of meetings and work for a few days and I included a few pictures. (One was from Medieval Times, Sprecher's restaurant and MooseJaw restaurant, where we stopped to eat.)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Yesterday, I met with Skip Vanderhorst and we worked on the 12th Degree for the fall Scottish Rite Reunion but today was a day for the family and we plan to go with my sisters to view the fireworks tonight but this morning was a little different twist. For years, Laura has gone to watch me in the parades but this morning, I went to watch her. She was in the parade for Wright State since she is now going there and is on their Cheerleading team (we did, however, have to wait to wave to the Shrine later in the parade). We are also preparing to attend the Imperial Session for the Shrine in Minnesota this next week. This year it will be different as Laura will not be going with us but rather staying home to help take care of her grandmother while we are gone. In addition, she will be preparing for her first real job as a cheerleading coach at a camp in Elyria near Cleveland this coming Thursday. Definitely a time of lots of change at the Shaw household.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ormus Grotto Meeting

As a little twist our Grotto decided to go dark in January and February since there are so many other activities and to meet in July and August instead. We really covered many items tonight in a very short timeframe as our Monarch Skip Vanderhorst kept the meeting moving along at a good pace. It was also good that it did move along well since we met an hour later tonight due to a funeral and the weather really seemed like at any moment we might lose the electricity.On my way home from Beavercreek, I saw several accidents and just slowed down and let the cars that wanted to pass my up since I figured arriving home in one piece was better than trying to get home quicker.