Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wooster Council #13 Inspection

Today started out before 6 AM as I headed up to the Council Inspection for Wooster Council in the 8th Arch. They did something a little different at this Council and were Inspected in both degrees. RIC Ed Herrick GPCW, RIC Richard Amlung DGM, Dave Snyder PGC and RIC Bill Straton were all present in addition to the Arch Inspector. They did a nice job on both degrees and what was somewhat interesting is the candidate is an active member in Commandery who just decided to come back and take the Council Degrees. It was a nice drive up to Wooster and even better on the way back as I listened to Ohio State beat Michigan.

Thanksmas Dinner

Tonight was the annual Scottish Rite Lodge of Perfection 14th degree annual Thanksgiving/Christmas (Thanksmas) dinner. The Lodge of Perfection officers, past officers and those who helped in the past in this degree are invited to get together for a dinner each year. Usually it is the weekend of Thanksgiving on Saturday evening. We had a nice turnout tonight at the Yankee Trace Golf Course. I would say we had 50+ in attendance. We had good food, good fellowship and some bad jokes before we all headed back to our homes.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Taking a couple days off for Thanksgiving with the family. Also planning to walk in the Miamisburg Turkey Trot to walk off some of the turkey I plan to eat at the Thanksgiving dinner. Then this weekend, some Masonic travels start back up....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shrine Greeters Meeting

Luckily due to Thanksgiving week, since there are not many other meetings this week, I made it to my Greeters Club meeting. They always have a good percentage turnout of members and tonight was no exception. I think the only ones missing were out of town due to being in other states for the Thanksgiving holiday. We covered lots of different categories and areas of discussion but since the meeting was ran very efficiently, we were done in record time.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cabiri Meeting

Tonight was the final meeting of the year for the Shrine Cabiri (Past Potentates) and my last meeting as President before our Christmas Party. It was nice that the meeting went smoothly and quick as today is our anniversary and I wanted to head home as soon as possible. Twenty four year today on the 24th....I tried to tell Pam next year it would be twenty five on the 25th but she wouldn't go for it so I guess I'll just have to remember how many years on my own!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Solar Installation

This morning I went to Solar's Installation as Bob Deam was Installed as Worshipful Master. A few other from the Shrine were also present as well as some other Solar members. Grand Senior Warden Doug Kaylor was also in attendance. This going to be the start of a busy day including attending my Lodge Installation this evening. While the day was very busy: shopping for our Anniversary on this Monday, Thanksgiving and Christmas for the family (and some needy family's): my phone died sometime this evening and when I figured out it had died and what time it was; it was already around 8:30 so going to my Lodge's Installation was out of the question. The good thing is we got everything we went out to get today. Tomorrow, however, is another day and we will again be shopping but this time for Thanksgiving food to make baskets for the needy.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Post Colors Germantown Lodge

Tonight was the Lodge Installation for Germantown  and while I had planned to go to Wooster's Chapter Inspection, last night I heard our Commandery only had two to post colors so I told them I would help out. Luckily a couple more showed up and we had a decent showing to post colors. Germantown is also one of the closest Lodges to my home Lodge and we have worked with them for many years. It was however my first opportunity to visit their new Lodge which is shared with the IOOF. Since the building has difficult access the two groups are discussing the possibility of building a new Lodge.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rabboni Chapter #232 Inspection

Tonight was the Chapter Inspection for Rabboni in my District in Fairborn in the Past Master Degree. MEC PGHP George Shell was present along with REC Bill Jones 6th District Deputy Grand High Priest. Several of the Companions from Xenia came over to help them out with the work which was nice to see this Chapter and Xenia working together. There was a nice turnout overall from the District for the Inspection and the count was up from Monday night .... a trend we are hoping to keep going.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Lisbon Chapter #92 Inspection

Tonight was the Chapter Inspection for New Lisbon in the 19th District (by Youngstown) in the Mark Master degree. For a smaller Chapter in the middle of no where it was good to see a large number of Past High Priests present. To me this indicates they are not just recycling the same High Priest. Tonight also marked another point in my own personal countdown to visit every Chapter in the state as this was one I had not been to but with this visit I am now down to single digits as I have 9 more left and I will have been to every Chapter in the state at some time (and around a dozen who have closed over the years as well). This is also my region for the year so I was glad to be here despite the poor weather conditions.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Friendship Chapter #245 Inspection

Tonight was the first inspection in the 3rd District for the year...and to start off the season we had 5 inches of snow...hopefully this is not a sign of what is to come this year. And despite the snow, we had 40 in attendance and 2 candidates for the Mark Master Degree. This is the home Chapter of MEC Steve Duncan along with RIC Mike Smith Grand Sentinel Grand Council and MIPGM Bobby Campbell Grand Recorder Grand Council. The degree was a great performance for the beginning of the year. I am also proud to say that Trinity Chapter had 10 present (my home Chapter).

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Grand Receptions

Today was the Grand Family Meeting for Grand Chapter and we discussed many items to help improve and move Grand Chapter forward. We started early in the morning and went into the afternoon. Later on in the evening we had the Grand Commandery and Grand Chapter Joint Statewide Reception. It was a good turnout with around the same number of persons that the individual reception usually have for each one. While I'm not sure I personally liked the idea, it probably was something good to try. If you don't try new things you will never know if it was a good idea or something you think might not be the direction you would like to see things head in the future.

Friday, November 14, 2014

S.S. Jewell #89 Council Inspection

Tonight was the Council Inspection for SS Jewel in the 5th Arch in Marysville Ohio. Despite a very small membership they did a nice job and are one of the most active Councils in their Arch. They also have many distinguished members. Also in attendance this evening from Grand Chapter was Past Grand High Priest Garis Pugh. The Grand Council was very well represented since in addition to their Inspector Grover Manning also present was Bill Jones Grand Chaplain, Ed Herrick Grand Principal Conductor of the Work and Grand Illustrious Master Lynn Alexander along with Past Grand Illustrious Master Rusty Eagle. An interesting note was one of their candidates last name was Shaw and they also have a KYCH from their temple with the last name of Shaw. I also had to mention that this is not my first time at this Council but the last time was when I was Illustrious Master in 1988 when Jerry Belt was also Illustrious Master of this Council and tonight he presided again over the Degree.

Scottish Rite Reunion

Today and tomorrow is the Scottish Rite Reunion for the Valley of Dayton (I won't be able to make it tomorrow due to the Grand Family Meeting and Joint Reception). Today I was helping to direct the 12th Degree. Unfortunately we had several cast changes from the original starting point this summer but luckily it all came together today for the final performance. We had several new persons in the performance, all of which did a nice job and hopefully will become new regulars on the ritual performance teams. In addition to having a nice class of 35+, we actually had a good crowd for a Friday afternoon performance. After the performance I stayed around for a while but had to get back home to send out a report for that 4 letter word: WORK. (Everyone tells me how they enjoy retirement so much better .... maybe someday I will get to try that but for now if I want to do what I'm doing....I'll have to keep working.)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

DEO & Membership Chairman Installation

Tonight was the Installation in Xenia for the 3rd District Education Officer Bruce Gardner and a new position for the District of Membership Chairman Jim Potts. In addition a couple of officers were installed in their respective stations for Xenia Chapter. We are hoping the new Membership Chairman position will help to create more interest in promoting membership in the 3rd District and promote the usage of the Grand Chapter Membership Manual which when used has already proven successful. In addition, prior to the meeting the District Officers and District Education Officers for the District met to discuss expectations and potential upcoming events.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

West Gate Chapter #216 Inspection

Tonight was the chapter inspection for West Gate in the 11th District in Columbus in the Most Excellent Master Degree. While the degree work went off well, the High Priest was worried since one of the persons doing one of the parts did not show up. In addition, it was a part no one else in attendance did. As happens in most cases of crisis, someone picked up the book who was a good reader and read the part (it actually indicates the part can be read). Past grand High Priest Most Excellent Companion Don Lossaso was present as was Right Illustrious Companion Grover Manning Grand Marshall Grand Council, who are both members of this chapter. It was also a little interesting in that Right Excellent Companion Dan Smith was helping out the District Deputy by inspecting the ritual work for the MEM degree.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trinity Chapter Royal Arch Widows Degree

While we had a short recognition tonight to honor our veterans, tonight was set aside for the Royal Arch Widows Degree. It was very successful with 15 ladies receiving the degree which made enough that those with difficulty walking could sit and watch. We probably had around 50 in attendance overall. We had dinner before and refreshments afterwards and all the ladies stayed around afterwards to talk. The best part was many of the ladies were ones I hadn't seen or met in the past. While this is a fun degree, the guys stuck fairly close to the book and added a couple items which were specific to Trinity Chapter. It was also good that it wasn't just the old timers in attendance but many newer members as well.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

EnSaWocCa Rededication

Today was the Chapter 150 year Rededication for EnSaWocCa Chapter in Defiance in the 1st District. For a smaller District, they had a nice turnout on the sidelines and I think all the officers were present. It was a nice ceremony and was obvious that they had promoted it around the District. Often the attendance at these events is slim. Afterwards, we had refreshments and headed home.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Frnak S. Land Day Observance and DeMolay Chevalier Degree

Tonight at Ralph H. McMillan Chapter was one special evening. It started out with a great Chevalier Observance Day Dinner and then went into awards night and installation of 7th District Officers. Wendy Crawford received the Cross of Honor and three DeMolay's received the Chevalier degree. The Executive Officer Martin Woodworth was present along with the new 7th District Governor Randy Clark. They had a very nice crowd as the room was packed and at least 5 Past State Master Councilors were present: Randy Clark, Mark Howard, Tom Norris, Derrick Stargell, Marc Chong (hopefully I didn't miss any). If I had to guess I would say around 50 Chevaliers were present. 

Council Inspections

This morning was the Council Inspection for Blanchester Council and Wilmington Council in the Royal and Select Master Degree followed up this afternoon with the Super Excellent Master Degree. MEC Kermit Zimmerman was present along with the MIGM Lynn Alexander and Arch Inspector Mike Smith. They did an excellent job on the work this morning and the new Arch's they built for the SM degree were fantastic. (I wish I had taken a picture they were so nice and definitely worth a trip to Wilmington to see if you are thinking about replacing your arches).

Friday, November 7, 2014

Best Laid Plans

Well I'm still hoping to be able to make many of the events I scheduled earlier this week but work threw a curve and scheduled a short daily mandatory meeting M-F at 8:30 at night at least through the end of the month starting tonight. Hopefully after I sit in a couple I'll find out if I can do the calls by phone and possibly slip out of the planned meetings for a couple minutes to call in for work. While I need to work to do what I want to do and am glad to have a job sometimes I would agree with those who remind me that work is a four letter word!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Scottish Rite 12th Degree Rehearsal

Well originally tonight I was going to the DEO installation in Lodge for Kent Crager. He is the 2nd DEO from our Lodge in the 170+ year existence (I was the first) but our Director in the 12th degree had to be out of town and as the Co-Director I was the fill in. (And Kent couldn't be too upset since he was missing the 12th degree rehearsal in which I had gotten him a part). The rehearsal went well despite some conflicts by people who had parts in the degree unable to attend. This reunion is being named for Nate Pelfrey Jr. and two of his sons are in the 12th degree. I guess the cloning process for humans isn't ready so I'll have to go with the saying "you can't be everywhere".

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trinity Chapter Awards Night

Tonight was the awards presentation for our 50 year members but unfortunately only one could attend. PHP Kenny Lipps was present and able to receive his 50 year award. For many years he was very active in Trinity Chapter until another ongoing conflict with the meeting nights cause him to be less active. It was also nice that a few members of the Shrine were present (and especially the band) which is the conflict with band practices which have kept him from regular attendance. His son, Scott Lipps, who is also a PHP of our Chapter is currently the Potentate of Antioch Shrine and former mayor of Franklin presented him his pin.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Springfield Council #17 Inspection

Well at the last minute work changed my plans to first attend a PDDGM meeting and then go to Springfield but I was able to at least make the Council Inspection in Springfield. There were several dignitaries present in addition to the Arch Inspector Mike Smith which included Marty Trent Grand Senior Warden Grand Commandery, Grand Recorder Grand Council Bobby Campbell, Grand Chaplain Grand Council Bill Jones, Grand Principal Conductor of the Work Grand Council Ed Herrick, and Grand Illustrious Master Lynn Alexander. They did a nice job on the work for the evening and the only unfortunate part was their candidate got stuck in traffic and could not make the Inspection.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly Travels For November

Weekly Travels November
While often my travels are dictated by my work schedule, I am going to try keep at a running monthly schedule of potential Chapter related visits/events outside our area (with an occasional Lodge, Council or Commandery Inspection as well). If anyone from my area is interested in traveling with me, contact me and we will see what we can do.

Week of 11/3
• Monday 3 COUNCIL Springfield Inspection
• Saturday 8 COUNCIL Blanchester/Wilmington Inspection at Wilmington
• Sunday 9 1st District Chapter EnSaWocCa Rededication at Defiance

Week of 11/10
• Monday 10 11th District Inspection Walnut Chapter Columbus
• Wednesday 12 11th District Inspection West Gate Chapter Columbus
• Friday 14 COUNCIL S.S. Jewell Inspection at Marysville

Week of 11/17
• Tuesday 18 19th District Inspection New Lisbon Chapter
• Thursday 20 10th District Inspection Wooster Chapter

Week of 11/24 (through the end of the month)
• Saturday 29 COUNCIL Wooster Inspection

Saturday, November 1, 2014

KYCH Annual Meeting

KYCH Annual Meeting was held in Gallipolis which meant getting up before the sunrise and taking off to get there. (Okay so the sun really never even came out all day but it was really early) They have a very nice facility and despite it being one of the farther locations away from the majority of the KYCH population, the turnout was very good. They have a number of new KYCH's created and the new officers were elected with Robert McNutt being elected Prior. Randy Williams moved up to fill the vacant chair cause by the death of Mark Richards. Claude Siebel from our temple was one of the candidates.