Saturday, July 30, 2016

Shrine Parade

Today was the Shrine parade in Greenville and my first official day of retirement. While I always thought I would sleep in on the first day, I had to get up early to get to Greenville on time. It was a nice parade and the weather cooperated. After the parade and we had some refreshments, we went over to the KitchenAid store for their annual sale. It was a crazy scene but we made it through. We bought several items for Laura for Christmas.

PDDGM Picnic

After the parade this morning, we headed back to attend the PDDGM Picnic at Larry Cornett's house. While we had run into conflicts with this picnic over the past couple of years, by them changing the date we were able to make it. They had a good turnout, good food and fellowship.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer is Going by Quickly

The past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions and activities outside of Masonry. The number of things I immediately need to address are many. I also need to get my pins for next year ordered. I've only got until Friday when most need addressed. I had planned a couple of Masonic activities this weekend but other more pressing items came up. Oh well guess they will wait a few more days.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Well you heard it here first

It is official after almost 31 1/2 years at HP/EDS, I will be retiring at the end of the month. While I'm not sure what my next challenge in the work world may be, I'm hoping it can be something which might be a little different from what I have been doing. I have several ideas in mind but right now not really sure what the next work experience will bring.  I'm hoping it will involve something a little closer to home  for while I love to drive,  even I have to admit 1.5 hours and over 80 miles each way to work gets tiring. 

Ormus Grotto

Tonight was our monthly Grotto meeting (we are dark Jan-Feb and meet July-Aug). We had a small number but got through all necessary business. We unfortunately had to announce the death of a Past Monarch and that two others are in very poor condition. We also learned that nationally we are over $400k towards our dentistry program helping disable kids this year and two members earned their lateen for $50 donated to support this cause. (I was one of the members and it is my second one).

DeMolay Scholarship Foundation Meeting

Today the Foundation met for its annual meeting to decide on which qualified young members of DeMolay will receive scholarships for the upcoming year. This year around 13 young men will have an opportunity to receive help in their college education. It is a great feeling knowing that one young man we have been able to ease the burden on who is almost ready to graduate. Most of the accomplishments of these young man are exceptional and the whole board is happy to know that the DeMolays will make a difference in the world.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

3rd district officers meeting and York Rite Picnic

Today was the annual York Rite Picnic for our area and the crowd was up from previous years. In addition, this year prior to the picnic, we held a quick meeting of the District Officers, DEOs and DDGHPs. I am also happy to announce that MEC Jerry Crawford was able to attend and EC Mac Polston is already up and walking from his hip replacement surgery on Friday. We clarified many of our upcoming events and made sure everyone was "on the same page" for the upcoming year. Introductions were held to a minimum for the picnic and it allowed everyone to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. We all enjoyed a nice meal with move than enough food being provided with the DEOs cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs.

Friday, July 15, 2016

DeMolay Conclave

Today was the Legion of Honor Ceremony and Masonic Recognition at the DeMolay Conclave held at Kent State University. I had originally planned to attend the whole weekend but some other things came up which did not allow this to happen. Our own Grand Scribe J. Keith Green received his LOH along with several others in the candidate class. MEC Robert Blankehorn Jr. represented us well with his comments during the  Masonic Recognition portion. I am happy it moved along smoothly and we were able to get out at a reasonable hour as I have a long way home and need to be up early tomorrow for some moving I need to help out with for my sister.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nice Evening

While tonight's activity was not directly Masonic related, it was one of those fun things you do when your Masonic friends have something to be proud about. I'm talking about a good friend of mine, Randy Clark, and his daughter Sarah. Tonight Pam and I went to the Brookville Community Theater to see Sarah perform in Beauty and the Beast as Belle. While I'm not much of a movies or theater (plays) type person, I enjoyed every minute tonight and it might just have changed my mind about attending plays. It was really great and it excited me to be able to say I knew the star of the show especially with how great she did at the performance. It was also nice to see his daughter Allyson who helped out on the stage crew. Both of his daughters were in Rainbow and while I know that helped in memorizing, I thought her singing was outstanding ... which as Pam would say is a "real compliment" coming from me since I rarely like most persons singing voice.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Back From Imperial

Well it turned out to be some interesting times over the past week or so; first instead of leaving on July 1, we had to wait until Saturday the 2nd as I was working all night on the 1st for work getting stuff ready to send out and finished around 5AM Saturday morning after pulling a 24+hr day.  I went in to sleep for a while and then we left for Atlanta. We got there after dinner time on the 2nd and stayed overnight so we could head to Tampa on the 3rd. We just arrived into Tampa on-time for the Antioch dinner on Sunday evening. While I was fairly tired from all the rushing around I had a little more that had come up for work which had to be done. I worked on it most of the night and decided I was going to go over and register (which I did) but was ready to fall asleep so I went back and crashed at the hotel. We went to the parade on the 4th and Tuesday I got up to attend the sessions, and while I usually don't get massive head-aches, on that day I did. I had to take some medicine and lay back down and I really didn't get feeling better until Tuesday afternoon. Finally I was somewhat recovered from the travel and work Tuesday afternoon but we were leaving out on Wednesday for a side trip on the way home. We went for a couple days to Helen Georgia (similar to Frankenmuth Michigan for those who have been there only smaller) which is a Bavarian village set-up. We met Laura and her boyfriend there and had some German food and spent until Friday there when we went over to Gatlinburg for the weekend. We went to a minor league baseball game and attended the new Dolly Parton Lumberjack show. On Sunday, we headed back so I could get home to start back up the normal grind.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Getting Ready for Imperial Session

I probably won't have any entries for a while as I'm preparing to attend the Imperial Session for the Shrine. I hope everyone has great and safe July 4th and remember as they said on TV last night...leave the fireworks to the experts and your hands (as was possibly other body parts) will thank you.