Thursday, May 29, 2014

Herman Lawrence #82 AMD

Tonight was our quarterly AMD meeting in Middletown. Our Sovereign Master was out of town visiting one our members who is not doing too well so Greg Clatterbuck filled in tonight. We went through the communications and announcements along with a small amount of business. Since their were no papers to be given this evening the meeting was short and everyone went downstairs for fellowship and refreshments.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ormus/Khana Shahar Grotto Ceremonial

Tonight the Grotto's at Beavercreek and Springfield combined to performed the Ceremonial on 3 new candidates at the Springfield Masonic Temple. I helped out as the Chief Justice part as Ormus did the first section and Khana Shahar did the second section. We had several visitors in attendance including Jim Drake who is running for the Supreme Line and Past Supreme Monarch Bernie Mitchell.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend will be different than most over the past 18 years. Since Laura is graduating this next weekend, she is staying home (and thankfully helping us to take care of my mother-in-law and the dog) while we go camping. She said it will give her the opportunity to "be on her own" a little at the house. She was talking about wanting to get an apartment with a friend and move out so she could be free. I think it might be a good thing especially considering what happened when she was little. She bugged us all the time she wanted a brother or sister. She went to a friends house to stay for a few days during the summer. When she came back she decided she liked being an only child and could stay at her friends when she decided she needed a brother or sister. Maybe after this weekend she might figure out it isn't so bad after all having mom and dad worry about doing the things needed just to keep a house running. Oh ... and have a nice Memorial Day Weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Annual KYCH Meeting

Tonight was the annual KYCH meeting for the Miami Valley KYCH group held at Houston's Restaurant near Lebanon. We had several distinguished KYCH's present from all of the York Rite Bodies. I had the Frog Legs which is one of their specialities along with their old time salad buffet bar which includes deviled eggs, pickled eggs, beets, and so on in addition to salad. We held a short meeting, announced dates, ate way too much and fellowshipped for a while and then all headed home at a relatively early hour.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trinity Chapter Stated Meeting

Well you know it is a good night when you have 15 in attendance for a stated meeting, at least 3 who regularly attend unable to make it and 2 candidates show up because they were confused and had marked the wrong date to receive their next degree. In addition to a good turnout, the discussions stayed focused and we were able to complete the stated meeting in a reasonable amount of time after which we went down and had some good refreshments where many stayed for a while and fellowshipped.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cabiri Meeting

Over the past few days, I've been pulled from Masonic activities for several work related items, but even more than anything High School Senior activities. Friday was the track league meet and as I've mentioned, Laura is set to graduate on May 31st but this weekend was her cousin Brian's graduation on Saturday. What I thought was an hour or two activity ended up being most of the day and on Sunday we spent most of the day planning for Laura's party. Tonight was the Cabiri Meeting at the Shrine (moved up a week due to Memorial Day) and as President I thought it would be nice to attend and preside. One thing for sure about life ....just when you think you have it under control, you learn you really don't understand much about being in control.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Passing of Joe Worthington PGHP

I knew Joe Worthington probably longer than most other persons in Masonry who I have known. I first met Joe way back when I was an active DeMolay and he was an advisor for CR Wilson DeMolay in Ada Ohio around 35 years ago. Joe always left an impression on anyone who met him as Joe wouldn't let anything slow him down. He was going to have a good time at whatever he did. He ultimately became and Active Member of DeMolay International and become and Emeritus member while I was Executive Officer for Ohio. I travelled north a couple of times to an outdoor initiation his District did while he was going through Grand Chapter Line. I also remember the special jewel he passed out at his Grand Chapter session and really wanted and intended to be there but unfortunately my Grandfather had a bad stroke and I stayed with him at the hospital until he passed away so I didn't make Joe's Grand Chapter session (probably the only one I have missed since joining Chapter). I would have really loved to be able to say one last good bye to Joe this evening coming up but unfortunately work is standing in the way as I have a mandatory meeting with upper management and the customer to attend for a project I am leading and the project is to be implemented this week. So I guess I'll say the last good-bye a fun loving guy who loved DeMolay, loved Chapter but I think most of all just loved life and getting to laugh.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Viewing for John Weyrauch

Tonight I went to the viewing for John Weyrauch who was a KYCH, was Secretary of many Lodges, Chapters, Councils, Commanderies and other Masonic bodies often being Secretary of more than one local in each body at a time. (At one time I know he was Secretary for at least 4/5 Lodges, 2 Commanderies, a Council and 2 Chapters. John was also the Commander of Valley Commandery right prior to me and when my Generalissimo dropped out on the night of elections, he served a second time right after me. I believe he was the first repeat Commander at our Commandery (and this was out of a definite necessity). John was a unique individual who always was working crossword puzzles as he had a problem with narcolepsy and by keeping his mind active at all times it kept this problem at bay most of the time. The funniest moment though for John had to be the year he was Standard Bearer for us in the drill. The Drill Captain called for John who was in the west holding the flag and John did not respond...and why because he was sound asleep standing holding the flag. Another hard working Mason who has left us.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Taking a few days off

On Thursday, I had two masonic activities to attend and unfortunately an important non-Masonic event, ran late enough the other two were over before I could attend. Thursday was Laura's Senior School Award Night and it lasted until almost 10 PM. I am not complaining though since she was recognized for several things and even got a special scholarship from the Graduating Miamisburg Class of 1962. On Friday, I attended a Senior Athletics Awards Ceremony where she again got an award. Unfortunately here I took a little spill and fell a few feet as I missed a step on the bleachers. I was busy most of the night Friday and all day Saturday trying to recover from the fall. My knee is still very stiff and I'm having some difficulty walking but at least the pain isn't that bad (most of the time). Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I'm going to be busy with several family activities. I hope everyone is able to share this special day with their mother whether in person or spirit.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Preble Council #135 SEM/Inspection

Well after two nights where all my Masonic activities got cancelled by work related meetings held at night, I attended the SEM at Eaton and did the Nebuchadnezzar part for them. I think I've been doing it for around 10 years now. This is the home council for REC Norm Lincoln Grand Historian for the Grand Chapter Ohio and Jim Hodge, PGHP of Indiana, was also present. It is always fun to work with this cast and I always feel as if they really appreciate my helping them out. I'm now up to around 7 council's where I do the part for them on a regular basis and probably have another dozen I help out periodically doing the part.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scottish Rite Installation

Today I went to the installation of officers for the Valley of Dayton. The outgoing Thrice Potent Master was supposed to be receiving his PTPM jewel from me as I appointed him to line but unfortunately was unable to be present as a family member was gravely ill in the hospital. We will take care of it at a later date. Installed as the new presiding officers by our Active Doug Kaylor were RWB Gary Nicholson - Thrice Potent Master, Mike Lawson - Sovereign Price, RWB Paul Weglage - Most Wise Master and Steve Goad Commander-in Chief. After the installation everyone retired to the dining room for refreshments

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ohio Shrine

I was proud to attend the Ohio Shrine Association being held at Antioch Shrine in Dayton. The President Gary Blackford of Antioch held an activity with a very full agenda over the weekend. Imperial Sir Tad Claypool PIP was present along with Imperial Representative Bill Bailey was present. All Ohio Shrine Centers were present. There was a lot of information provided and after some additional socialization everyone headed home.

Eaton Chapter DeMolay

Tonight was the Installation for Eaton Chapter DeMolay as they were re-instituted as a Chapter. Dad Jim Dunham flew in from Arizona to be present as he was on the original DeMolay Advisory Council when Eaton first had a DeMolay Chapter. Mike Wray also showed up which was a pleasant surprise as he was a DeMolay while I was in DeMolay. PSMC Randy Clark and PSMC Mark Howard were present in addition the current SMC Sam Cohen. Executive Officer Dad Woodworth installed the Advisory Council. Dad Mark Howard was especially proud as his son was installed as the first MC and his other two sons were also installed as officers. He presented his son with the gavel used by his grandfather and his father Mark which was made from wood left form the Xenia Masonic Temple after the 1974 Xenia tornado. I really enjoyed myself and share many stories and memories with Dad Jim Dunham.

Friday, May 2, 2014

3rd District Annual Chapter Meeting

We held the Annual Meeting for the 3rd Capitular District and elected new officers. Our current President Bruce Garner was pleased when his successor Rick Bielicki was elected. Bruce did a nice job as President and helped chair the April 5 activities for Grand Chapter in the 8th Masonic District with MEC Steve Duncan. All 3 living PGHPs from our District were present and we we glad to see REC Fred Gallo was able to join us. he has had a long journey back after his fall last year and still has a way to go on his recovery. We wish him the best in his recovery ... REC Gallo is truly a great mason with the best interest of our District in mind.