Thursday, March 31, 2016

And the Beat Goes On

Well what started out as a one week project has now gone into a second full week as we continue to clean out at mom's house and it appears will span another couple weeks during May. Since we can only work on it after work each day and usually until dark, we have been a little limited on the ability to get a whole lot accomplished every day. the biggest issue now is since we are starting to move into the growing season, it might be that mowing will start to rule out nights we can work on the effort and taking days off work to do the job really is not an option since every year almost every vacation day is consumed with Masonic activities (not complaining just stating a fact). And work is not helping as several days it has been the culprit consuming the entire day (but that, of course, beats the alternative). The good part is there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the bad part is this really restricts Masonic travelling which at this point I'm really missing.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Sometime Positive Things Come When You Least Expect Them

This week (through the weekend at least) was mainly reserved to work on getting mom's house ready for sale. Over the years she let us do little to get it ready (or cleaned up) so we knew we had a massive job ahead of us. Mom was one who never wanted to part with anything as she did LOTS of craft projects so she saved everything to make crafts out of them from plastic milk jugs to paper towel rolls to juice containers. In addition, she saved lots of memories most people might just discard from my first bank book, (an account started when I was born and long since closed), the doctor bills from when I was born and over the next few weeks as mom went back for check-ups, to the boxes from old birthday presents we gave to her and dad (who passed away almost 20 years ago). We found items from the years while mom was growing up from old Rainbow dues cards to an appointment to a fashion board (which is funny as we never saw her wear any make-up and mostly just working jeans), to a program from grade school where she played a very minor non-speaking part in a play. (I also figured out where I get me obsession with keeping records of everything I do on a daily basis which I have done since 1985. I found calendars back to 1968 marked with every activity and appointment from every day of the year.) We also found programs, pictures and mementos from almost everything the three of us did growing up. While most of our vacations growing up, as we rarely went more than 50 miles from the house, involved helping out at home or on my grandfathers farm with bigger projects and we almost never ate out and rarely had anything new and all three of us kids thought we were poor; it is obvious that we were not at least in the things which really count and can't be measured in dollars and cents. It is like the largest scrap book of every day of our lives. While the job is going to spill over well past the end of this week, we are making progress. It has also brought my two sisters and I closer as we find treasurers (not much of monetary value) around every corner to share our lives growing up together. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Valley Commandery

This week we are working mainly on cleaning up mom's house but Pam and I took time out tonight to attend the covered dish dinner for Valley Commandery. At the dinner they recognized mom and presented our family with a certificate in honor of mom from the Knight's Templar Eye Foundation. I was Commander in 1989-90, prior to when Pam and I met, and mom served with me as the ladies auxiliary president. I was glad that both of my sisters and their families were also able to attend. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

2nd District Grand Masters Reception

While I only have one item to report on today it isn't because nothing else was going on. After we got home last night from Findlay, we had to finish cleaning out our old trailer we had for 18 years as we picked up a new one to replace it today. While I had originally planned to attend an Inspection today as well as the reception, we ended up pulling an all-nighter getting the old one emptied out, working on it until right up to going to trade in the trailer. So this evening while we were both fairly tired, we headed to the reception. It was a very nice reception and we had an opportunity to talk with all the Grand Officers. I will have to admit that now that it is over, we are heading to bed for a long nights' sleep especially since tomorrow is Pam's birthday and we have an Easter Egg Hunt to take care of as well. I heard that things slow down as you get older...I'm definitely getting older and the only thing which seems to be slowing down is my bodies ability to bounce back. :)

Friday, March 18, 2016

Charlemange Red Cross Constaintne

Well after fixing a an Irish Dinner last night for around 30 for another organization, tonight Pam and I headed to Findlay for the my Red Cross Constantine meeting. We had a very nice dinner and so as not to think I blew off the DeMolay Legion of Honor observance, several Legionnaires were present and we did have some discussions about current DeMolay Chapters. We had some discussions about our group and some changes we may be instituting. After some more good fellowship we headed back home.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ormus Grotto and Rabboni Chapter #232 Inspection

Tonight was an interesting situation. I am Monarch for Ormus Grotto for a second time this year and tonight was our stated meeting but also since Rabboni had to change their Inspection date, the Inspection for the Chapter. While normally this might seem like two separate issues, it was one problem since several members of the Grotto were needed to help Rabboni with parts they needed for their Inspection in the Most Excellent Master degree. So we came up with a simple solution. We held the Grotto meeting in Fairborn at 7 PM and since we had little business for the month, were able to finish just prior to the Inspection at 7:30. Rabboni then held their Inspection. Unfortunately for me, shortly after we started, I got a call from Laura and had to go sit with her for the evening as someone accidentally kicked her in the head at practice and they thought she might have a concussion. Luckily after no issues for her all evening and seeing the trainer the next day, it was determined that while she was sore she had no concussion.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trinity Chapter 50 year award

Tonight was my Chapter's Stated meeting but it was also awards night where REC John Watkins, PDDGHP, received his 50 year award. John served in the 70's as High Priest and then came back about 10 years ago to help us out by serving again when someone in the line dropped out. John also served with me as an aid for MEC George Shell. He has done major parts in all 4 York Rite bodies in Miamisburg since I joined 30+ years ago. He is also the only drill captain our Commandery has every had and has been doing it since the early 70's.  Oh, and we also learned after the meeting that PHP Scott Lipps (from our Chapter) was selected to run by his party for the November election as their representative for a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

3rd District GHP Reception

Tonight was the Reception for our Grand High Priest MEC Robert Blankenhorn, Jr. held in Fairborn with Rabboni Chapter hosting. MEC Shell & Duncan were also present in addition to all our District and Grand Officers. We started off with a nice dinner followed by some introductions. We then had presentations to the Grand High Priest and some words from our Grand High Priest but still were able to get done early. Many stayed around to fellowship for a while, which is what we had hoped would happen, if we could finish up early enough. And when it came time to cleanup, instead of everyone disappearing, they all pitched in and we finished quickly with the clean-up. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Palmyra Chapter #235 Inspecton

Well it may seem like I feel off the face of the earth since I usually post every couple of days but this past weekend we headed to Detroit for the Horizon League Men's Basketball Tournament. Laura, our daughter, was performing at the Wright State games (and according to several persons she was on ESPN) and they were lucky enough to make it all the way to the finals before losing. Since we have been going to most of the games over the past couple of years, we have gotten to meet many of the players and since I love all sports, I was glad to be at the tourney. And actually to my surprise I loved how they have changed some of Detroit (I was last there around 10 years ago and you really never felt safe anywhere in Detroit at that time). In addition to the games, we went to several very good restaurants and working from the hotel during the day was great. But now on to the Inspection in Brookville this evening. We were pleased to be able to greet the Grand High Priest, MEC Robert Blankenhorn, at the Inspection with two of his traveling partners. MEC George Shell and MEC Steve Duncan were also present.  They had one candidate who received his Mark Master Degree. As they kept the meeting moving we were able to get out at a decent time and despite the wet conditions, I think everyone had a good time.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Unity Chapter #16 Inspection

Tonight was the Annual Inspection for Unity Chapter in the Royal Arch Degree. (And I should mention, I had planned to attend Mt. Moriah's Inspection last night but my daughter stopped by and said she was taking me out for my could I say no!) While they have been struggling as a Chapter, they have been working on an improvement plan for the entire year and are starting to implement parts of it right after inspection. Eight candidates joined last night with one being from Unity Chapter. MEC Shell and Duncan were both present. The degree moved along quickly but nothing was skipped. Overall, I am looking forward to seeing their plans for the future implemented.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Victory Chapter #210 Inspection

Tonight was the Inspection for Victory in the Past Master Degree. This is the home Chapter of MWB Neil Smalley who  was in attendance as he is most years. In addition, MEC Steve Duncan was present. Overall they had a good attendance with around 50 present and 5 candidates. The evening moved along well but unfortunately the Class Honoree William Dillon was unable to attend this evening as his health right now is limiting his activities. I think the DDGHPs, Greg Clatterbuck, comments were right on target as he indicated they did some good work for the evening. When we left it was definitely windy as it almost knocked several people over in the parking lot.