Thursday, October 31, 2013


Tonight was our AMD (Allied Masonic Degrees) Meeting and since it was Halloween we decided to treat ourselves to an informal casual meeting. We took care of several pieces of necessary business and then ate. And it was probably a good thing that we didn't stay too long as soon after we all left a bad storm came through and it was good everyone was home instead of driving through the mess.

Weekly Travels - November

While often my travels are dictated by my work schedule, I am going to try keep at a running monthly schedule of potential Chapter related visits/events. If anyone from my area is interested in traveling with me, contact me and we will see what we can do.

Week of 11/4
• Tuesday 5 Piqua Chapter Stated Meeting
• Wednesday 6 1st District Inspection Wauseon Chapter

Week of 11/11
• Wednesday 13 13th District Inspection Pomeroy Chapter
• Thursday 14 2nd District Inspection Lima Chapter
• Saturday 16 3rd District Chapter School West Carrolton & Statewide Grand Illustrious Master Reception ... in Independence

Week of 11/18
• Monday 18 3rd District Inspection Franklin Chapter Troy
• Saturday 23 1st District Inspection Northwest Chapter Bryan & Statewide Grand Commanders Reception ... in Dayton

Week of 11/25
• Monday 25 2nd District Inspection Spencerville Chapter
• Tuesday 26 5th District Inspection Trowel Chapter Jackson
• Friday 29 7th District Inspection Galion Chapter
• Saturday 30 13th District Inspection Rufus Putnam Chapter Beverly

Scottsih Rite Practice

This past evening was the final rehearsal for the 5th Degree for Scottish Rite which I am Directing with Jim Smith assisting. It was the first time to use the entire new sound system and it really sounds great. I think the cast is ready for the performance which will be next Friday November 8th at 4:50. Around dinner time next Friday I will definitely feel a relief as the degree will be done for another time.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Youngstown Chapter 93 Inspection

Tonight was the Inspection for Youngstown Chapter in the Mark Master degree. They had five candidates and did a really nice job on the work. Our Grand High Priest MEC Robert Thomas was present and was the Grand Marshal REC Tom Johnson and Grand Chaplain REC Doug Dolan. This is one of the further Chapter Districts for me to visit as the 19th Capitular District is around 4 hours from my home. The best part was the weather was nice and the traffic was not heavy so it was a nice leisurely drive. After the meeting they served a nice hot meal which was good as the meeting room was rather cool.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Installation of DDGM 2nd District

Tonight was the installation of RWB Arnold Fugate as DDGM of the 2nd Masonic District. Arnold is a KYCH from Middletown and assists with the York Rite work in Middletown when requested. He is also a current officer in the Scottish Rite. A large crowd was on hand and filled the room for the Installation including almost 20 PDDGMs.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grand High Priest Statewide Reception and Grand Family Meeting

One busy weekend up near Cleveland/Willoughby Ohio at the Quail Hollow Resort. It was a long drive up late Friday night to the resort after getting the opportunity to walk my SENIOR daughter Laura across the field at the Miamisburg Home Football game. Saturday then started early with meetings for most of the day and a reception for MEC Robert Thomas of over 200 people on Saturday evening. Today we got up early and decided to take it a little bit easier and made several stops on the way home.(I'll give you a few hints on some of the stops...)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Miami Valley York Rite College

Tonight was the York Rite College meeting. York Rite College is an invitational organization and one of its' purposes is to assist the York Rite in promotions and future growth. We brought in four new members and since we only do degree work once a year it is always a challenge for the officers to get their parts down for the one and only time they will do a specific part. I thought things went very well and we had a great dinner prior to the meeting. We have local leaders from all the Masonic York Rite groups as officers and members.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First Chapter Inspection of the Year

Tonight was Clinton Chapter #26 Inspection in the Royal Arch Degree. They now meet in the Lodge room at the Ohio OES Home and it is a fantastic facility to hold meetings. REC Dan Smith and MEC Don Losasso filled in as candidates during the evening so the both got to do lots of walking. This was my first trip to Mt. Vernon and Clinton Chapter was the final Chapter in the 11th Capitular District I had not been to an activity. It ended up being a nice drive over and back with very little traffic since I took many of the back roads.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lodge District Officer Meeting

Tonight was the installation for the 2nd District Lodge Officers Association. It was held at my home Lodge since the incoming President was Kent Crager of Minerva Lodge. He is the 8th person from our Lodge to be District President (I was installed way back in 1995 as District President). In addition the outgoing DDGM RWB Bryan Worley and incoming DDGM RWB Arnold Fugate were recognized.We had a very nice attendance and were able to show off the new dining room downstairs which is prepared for the open house on Saturday.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cabiri & Commandery Meeting

Tonight was our Cabiri (Past Potentates) and Commandery stated meetings. As goes with most stated meetings, there was not a whole lot of excitement. One item which was kind of nice was during the Cabiri meeting we were told bu the current Potentate John Bull that we have been chosen to participate in an Imperial pilot project to improve the overall Imperial membership program. I was excited about this since last year we showed a positive membership gain while I was Potentate. The best part was much of what I used was what we developed in Grand Chapter. Hopefully, this year maybe we can show that positive membership growth in Grand Chapter that the Grand Chapter Membership committee worked so hard to achieve last year (of which I was a part) and while they did not completely meet the goal, we ended with the lowest loss in nearly 50 years.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Grand Lodge Weekend and other items...

Rufus Putnam Receipient

New Grand Master being installed

Well I've been in Akron over the past couple of days attending Grand Lodge and the trip north was not without excitement. First I had to delay leaving due to 5th degree practice being held on Thursday evening and since I'm the degree director thought it would be nice for me to attend. I was very pleased with the progress being made with an all new cast for the degree. So I got up Friday morning at 2:30 to start the long haul to Akron. Needless to say much caffeine would be part of a long day. It was fairly uneventful until I got just south of Mansfield when I had to think quick and make a couple split second decisions. As I was driving up the highway and in the middle land with two semis on either side and a car behind me I noticed in my lane a dead deer laying on the road which had obliviously been hit by a semi. I had to make a decision and fairly much the only one I could, run over it at the least point of impact. After striking it at first I thought it was noisy but not too bad. So I was finely able to get over to the side and exit to assess any damage. Well it appears it went under on the passenger side and other than tearing up some plastic parts, hopefully that will be it. (I guess I'll see when I have it looked at but driving the car was not an issue so I headed on in to Grand Lodge). Everything seemed to go fairly smooth and I was able to fit in a trip over to Ali Baba Grooto in Warren Friday evening. I was happy to be able to attend (along with Pam) the new Grand Maseter Norm Mick's installation.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Commandery and Chapter Stated Meetings

This week I was able to attend my Commandery and Chapter stated meetings. As a nice surprise, I was able to potentially get a new member signed up for the York Rite as well. We still have some coordination to make it happen but I'm confident it will occur. In addition, the dining room at the Miamisburg Masonic Temple is almost complete and an open house is being planned for October 26th.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

21 Club Dinner

We had a great dinner in Brookville today for the 21 club. I had set this club up while I was a DDGM in Lodge to acknowledge those who attended 21 inspections within the 2nd district within a single inspection season. The long term expectation was that this would become a social club with dinners and informal get together's. This is the third year the social events have been held. Right now we had many active members and this club has added around 15-20 new travelers each year for our inspections.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Grand Commandery and Drill

I'm proud to say that our Drill team did beat out that team called OPEN on the schedule though the other teams competing all outscored us but we all did our best and had a good time (and we would have won if this was like golf and the low score was the winner!).I did, however, get the opportunity to go to the Marblehead Lighthouse and get some good pictures and drop by a local winery and pick up some liquid refreshment for my wife.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Officially Closing the Door on 2012-2013

Travel totals for 2012-2013 were around 30,000 miles and 350 masonic related activiites. And since Grand Chapter is over as promised each year I am allowed to progress in the Grand Chapter line I plan to have a pin designed to provide to the travellers in my district and those traveling within the region I am assigned. Once again this year my region is District 1, 8 & 9. As I mentioned each year the pin will alternate between a piece of Architecture and a mode of transportation through time. The next year will be an exciting year and we have a major opportunity ahead of us in 2014 and as the Grand Chapter Membership Chairman, I plan to continue & expand on the enthusiasm started last year by REC Chester Burton who I have added to the team as a major player.  We have several aggressive agenda items to help us met the April 5th potential BIG opportunity date for York Rite. I will be discussing more on these initiatives next week after Grand Lodge.

Grand York Rite Week

This has already been a busy week with Grand Council on Monday and Tuesday, Grand Chapter starting Tuesday evening and ending up on Thursday afternoon then last night I went to my stated lodge meeting before getting up at three in the morning to head up to Kalahari in Sandusky for Grand Commandery. I was humbled to be elected Grand Master the Third Veil at Grand Chapter. I plan on putting some pictures of fhe session and a full account my travels fast year on this blog. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Final Shrine Parade and Monarchs Ball

Yesterday was a busy day as we started out in New Carlisle for the final Shrine parade of the year. One of the main organizers of this event is MEC Bill Berry PGHP. Despite some rain he was standing on the side at the start of the parade making sure everything started out right. Later in the evening, I headed over to Springfield for the Monarch's Ball in Springfield. I spent some time discussing the upcoming Grand Chapter session with Companions of the 6th Capitular District.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Grotto, Commandery Drill and Scottish Rite Practice

While the last three days have not been consumed with Chapter activities, I have been busy with other Masonic duties. Tuesday, I attended the Grotto stated meeting and was happy to see the Grand Junior Deacon in attendance and the best part was he helped us out with the work for the evening. In addition I was able to meet with our Chapter District President and talk about the upcoming year and some activities we are planning. Wednesday I went for our final Commandery Drill practice prior to the actual competition. While I haven't had the time to compete for over 10 years, I made the mistake of saying I was going to start helping out my Commandery more.... Next thing you know my name appeared on the team list. Thankfully things haven't changed much on the drill but I still have difficulty remembering my left from right. Tonight was Scottish Rite 5th Degree practice and as the Director it was a real challenge as we basically have any entire new cast. After the practice tonight, I can say we don't have to worry about peaking too soon!