Tuesday, June 30, 2015

York Rite Planning Meeting

Tonight the local leaders for the 3rd & 4th Capitular Districts, 3rd Arch and 2nd & 3rd Divisions got together to go over calenders for the upcoming year to reduce conflicts. As always we found a few changes and adjustments needed and a couple "conflicts" which couldn't be avoided but made it so that it would be as manageable as possible and the leaders and members of each group could support each other with minimal conflicts. We have been doing this for many years now and it has helped to reduce major issues to a minimum.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Joint Installation 3rd District

Every year the 3rd District holds a joint installation in which many of our Chapters come together at a central location and install the new officers for the upcoming year. This year the event returned to Middletown for the first time in several years. In addition, we pass out awards and install our new District Officers. The Grand Chapter officers are invited down to participate and install the officer corresponding to their station into their office. We had a great turnout of Grand Officers and their ladies along with 3 Past Grand High Priests from our District. The overall turnout was well over 130.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shrine Circus 2016 Meeting

Tonight was the meeting to discuss next years circus. I am very interested in this as not only is it the big money maker for Antioch it is also our money maker for the 3rd Capitular District. And while we negotiated a lower payout, it is still worth the significant amount of planning and work we have to do for the money. It also allows us to set aside one weekend and then the rest of the year not worry about fund raising. Myself, I'm just thankful for our helpers every year and hoping for warm weather next February.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nice Program for the Vets

I attended a non-Masonic event tonight (at our local Elks Lodge) which I would hope every Masonic group might consider holding in the future. Since Flag Day is June 14th, every year they hold a ceremony recognizing it each year and this year was no different. While it was not on June 14th it was held the day closest in which the local VA Center patients could attend. The local Boy Scouts came down and presented the different flags throughout the years for our country since its' forming as a narrator gave a little piece about each of the flags our country has displayed. In addition, the local fire department also was in attendance. While it was just simple hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner, it was a meal that could have been served for a few in attendance as well if a large crowd showed up for the ceremony.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Planning is Great but Sometimes Other Factors Rule

Well I planned to go to a masonic event last night and tonight but both days I ran into some unplanned roadblocks. It seems as though I ended up with sun poisoning will on the trip this past week. Who knew that even with sunblock applied the heat off the sidewalks and blacktop can still be enough to burn your legs, so with that the doctor told me I should consider not wearing anything other than shorts until Tuesday which I did. While the pain wasn't really that bad, touching anything on the area was painful. Today, I headed to work and was planning to leave directly for a masonic function, but as fate would have it my backup service on my new PC started working in the afternoon and I had to wait until it finish the first load or it might corrupt the backups from that point forward. Around 8 PM I finally was ready to leave from Columbus. Oh well, at least I got home before it was completely dark.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

DeMolay International

This past week I've been in Orlando for the Annual Meeting (or on my way). We made a couple of stops on the way down to make it a more leisurely drive (while coming back we are doing it all in one shot). We voted on several pieces of legislation and for the most part the ones I thought would be bad for the groups failed. We had a nice group from Ohio present to represent Ohio and our Executive Officer Martin Woodworth. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Spring KYCH meeting

Today was the KYCH meeting held in Hillsboro. The dignitaries present were too many to mention but our own GHP Keith O'Dell did the chapter lecture. There were around 10 new persons Knighted. Despite some severe weather predictions, the weather held off until after we finished.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Light Travel Week

This will probably be a light travel week as we have some major tests running at work and I'm backing up the person who went out on Maternity leave Sunday...right before the big test they were taking care of...good timing for them, not so much for me...but then planning when a kid will come doesn't work too well. In addition to longer days, we also have status calls every day from around 630-9PM unless they get cancelled which I'm hoping will happen at least once this week.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ohio Masonic Home Day and Shrine Parade

What a great day. Lots of good food, good weather, and lots of Masons and their families all joined in for a nice event. I also paraded with the Shrine and this year we had a new route due to the construction which I thought was actually better as we went through the individual homes areas where many were watching. We finished in time to head home and get some things done.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Grand High Priest Reception 17th District

Today was the GHP reception n Wadsworth and once again MEC Jim Himmelright helped make the dinner. REC Bob Blankenhorn:Grand Scribe, REC Jeff Addis: Grand Scribe, REC Ross Black ;Grand Principal Sojourner and REC Dan Smith: Grand Master 3rd Veil were all present in addition to Grand High Priest: Keith O'Dell.The DDGHP this year is doing a great job and added some of his own awards. The night finished early as our GHP gave some closing comments.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Grand High Priest Reception 2nd District

Tonight was the Grand High Priest Reception in Lima for the 2nd District. REC Bob Blankenhorn was present in  addition to the Grand High Priest Keith O'Dell. While I left 1/2 hour early for a drive which should have been just over an hour, I was a couple minutes late. I didn't feel too bad as someone from Lima cane in after me. We had some singing entertainment and then the Grand High Priest finished the evening  with some motivational words after presenting some awards.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trinity Chapter Stated

Tonight was our Annual Meeting and elections. We had a good turnout with 17 in attendance. We elected a full line and installed them though all are being recommended to attend the District Joint Installation. We also discussed timing for finishing the degrees on at least one candidate. At least half the officers installed were non PHPs and progressing in the line of officers. I was really proud to know we have a first time High Priest and King who both are focused on traveling and keeping the traveling alter cloth.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Valley Commandery Stated

Tonight I attended my Commandery stated meeting and elections. It was nice to see a whole line of officers even if some are Past Commnaders. We also have several non Past Commanders who are progressing in line. We also talked through a major item in most Commanderies: uniforms. Like most Commanderies we have old and worn out items we need to take out of our inventory and have few items of good quality. It was good to hear we have 5 candidates waiting to join with some wanting to join at the July 18th date activity.