Thursday, March 23, 2017

North Bend Mark Lodge #1 Inspection

And for the 11th Capitular District...
who owns this head???
Tonight was the Inspection for the Mark Lodge in Cleves Ohio. They had two real candidates and REC Ron Hart and REC Dan Smith were also both present. They had a good attendance. Since I am also a member of this Mark Lodge I was especially glad that I was able to attend.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pictures of the New Puppy

Well I got some pictures with all four dogs (including Laura's two dogs), some with Grayson and his sister Scarlett (needless to say they WILL be OHIO STATE fans like it or not!)  and some with just Grayson (and he is not a Clemson fan ... Laura's boyfriend thought it would be funny to have him pictured in a Clemson puppy jersey)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

2nd District Grand Master Reception

Well tonight was the Grand Master's Reception for my District for MWB Doug Kaylor. I had planned to go to a couple of inspections before the reception but we got our new puppy Grayson and I stayed home to meet him when the breeder brought him to the house. They had a nice attendance and since they now do the afterflow at the temple, allowed us to get on the road to Laura's apartment in Knoxville before midnight where we will be until Tuesday.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Adoniram SEM

Tonight was my council's SEM degree and we again had a full cast from our council.We also had DGM Dave Maurer present. I played Nebuchadnezzar opposite MIC Bobbie Campbell as Zedakia and MEC Steve Duncan and RIC Mike Smith both in my court and MEC George Shell as Degree Director. It my seem like we have lots of Grand officers in our council but in addition to those mentioned we also had a current DDGHP and at least 8 PDDGHPs who are PIMs of our council as well.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ormus Grotto Stated Meeting

Well tonight was definitely a unique experience. I got everything ready to attend the Grotto Meeting and went so far as to actually go over to the Beavercreek Temple where meet. Unfortunately, when we got there no one with a key to the building had shown up yet. I talked with the Monarch and a Past Monarch, who almost always is in attendance, and unfortunately none of us had a key so we waited. Shortly before time for us to meet I started really felling bad and decided I had better go up to the corner and get something at the corner drug store to try to calm my stomach. Before I could get there I took ill and was in no shape to return back for the meeting (even if someone showed up at the temple to open it). I sent a quick memo to the Monarch and started back home were I again became ill on the way home and even had to pull over. When I got home I had a third incident but after this one, almost immediately, started feeling better. I believe that it must have been something which I had eaten earlier in the day which did not react well as several hours later I still felt fine.

Monday, March 13, 2017

ROJ Lunch Meeting

Today we had a lunch meeting at the Shrine which was mainly to discuss upcoming events and to have some fun and fellowship. The group was small in number but several who normally come were under the weather. We discussed our new member orientation and an upcoming meeting to bring in new members. Afterwards, I started the long track to Cleveland for an Inspection but quickly turned around and headed back home when I heard they were going to have a large snow accumulation tonight. I decided I would head down to Hamilton in my District for their Inspection. This, however, did not happen as a sat down to rest late in the afternoon and when I woke up it was already past time to leave.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Logan and Lancaster Chapter Inspections

Today was the Inspections in the Past Master and Most Excellent Master for Logan and Lancaster held at Lancaster Ohio. They had several candidates and REC Rod Carr was also present as he belongs to Logan Chapter. The keep the day moving and had lunch in between the degrees. I was glad they decided to start at 10AM since it made the drive over a little nicer (being a little later). As we were finishing the second degree I had to leave so I could get back in time for our GHP reception

3rd District Grand High Priest Reception

This year our District decided to step up the Grand High Priest Reception and they put in lots of extra effort to make it look and feel first class which I think they accomplished. We have a florist in our Chapter who provided some very nice flowers and a very nice dinner. We also promoted it better and had one of the best turnouts in several years. We also had some professional entertainment, which was covered by the District, as a Mark Twain performer did a presentation for us. MEC Steve Duncan and MEC George Shell, both from our District, were also present. I think our Grand High Priest Jeff Addis was impressed with the events of the evening.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Fish Fry and Hollywood Squares

We had a Fish Fry at Antioch to defray costs for the fuel for the units to attend Imperial session in Daytona Beach this summer. There was a good crowd present and all enjoyed a good meal. Afterwards, we headed upstairs for some fun playing our version of Hollywood Squares. The Past Potentates and their wives were the panel in the squares (wonder if they were trying to tell us something). We had a fun time as did the contestants.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Chagrin Falls Chapter #152 Inspection

My attempt at a selfie ...
guess I should stick to taking
pictures of others ... wait a
minute the lower bottom
right side part of the red
coat sleeve is mine!
Well I thought tonight almost wasn't going to happen. Let me I got around 10 minutes from the temple after nearly 4 hours on the road, the power went out at the location I was at and as I progressed towards the temple all power seemed to be out, until I got to the temple and the power was on, dodged a bullet there. I got upstairs for the Royal Arch degree and we went in and sat down for introductions and the power went off. As we proceeded through the introductions around 6 more times we lost power and it then came back on. The good part was we never lost power again as the Chapter proceeded right along with a very good Royal Arch degree on 5 candidates in a class named for MEC Jeff Addis. Our Grand High Priest Jeff Addis was present as were almost all of his appointed officers from the Cleveland area. As I started to head back the wind was still very bad and I knew I was in for a long ride home fighting to keep the car on the road.