Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Canton York Rite Bodies Stated Meetings

Tonight I attended the stated meetings for Canton Chapter, Council and Commandery. Each opened and closed separately in the Lodge room and there were around 20 present for the evening despite some very frigid temperatures and not the best of weather overall. Each held their own meetings as they should if they had met on separate nights. In addition, all were able to conduct business and finish before 9 PM. It allowed everyone time to have refreshments and fellowship prior to leaving for home.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Toledo Port Lawrence #161 Inspection

Tonight was a Chapter inspection as far north in Ohio as you can get without going into Michigan in the Mark Master Degree. MEC Keith Green was also in attendance. They did a good job with a candidate from Crystal Chapter in Bowling Green. I also stayed for a while afterwards as we had a very interesting conversation on a number of subjects. The weather turned out to good on the way up and back. I also just missed a long delay on the highway as a semi of pigs overturned about 5 minutes after I went through the I70 and I75 interchange with 2,500 piglets free to run on the highway until they caught them.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

ROJ Annual Meeting

This morning was the annual meeting for our Royal Order of Jesters at which we had brunch and elected/installed new officers. Luckily, it was just up in Dayton as the roads were terrible on the way up. I had intended to go to 3 other events today but one was cancelled and I decided not to venture back out after I got home as the weather report wasn't looking any better for the rest of the day.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Oriental Chapter #128 Stated Meeting

Tonight, after a couple days of taking care of some non-masonic business, I was back on the trail to the stated meeting for Oriental Chapter in West Salem Ohio. When I got there I saw the white death (snow) but luckily just in the parking lot. They had a short meeting and we went downstairs for some fellowship. While I didn't take a picture of it tonight, they have a very nice big Moose head on one wall. Inside the lodge room I took a couple picture as the have a nice big room for a smaller town.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Hi 12 Club Meeting Dayton

Today we had a very interesting program in Dayton on  area history in regards to prohibition. Most were unaware of much of the information which was presented. The person presenting had done extensive information gathering and found many historical pictures from the era. I personally love learning about history and it also doesn’t hurt that we had a good lunch in conjunction with the meeting.

Tall Cedars

My Tall Cedars group moved to Miamisburg officially as of this evening and are going to met right before our Commandery meeting each month. We had a big turnout compared to normal and even got at least one person who indicated they were probably putting in a petition. We are hoping this move will help us to get several new members since it is at the same location and day our Commandeymeets.

Valley Commandery Stated

tonight was our Stated meeting for Valley Commandery. Since our Inspection is coming up soon, we had a rather extensive practice. It was fairly obvious that more practises are needed and were planned. The good part is that we had the majority of those who will be performing at Inspection present for the practice. The overall attendance was very good as many “extras” were also present.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

York Rite Cooperation Meeting

Today many of the Masonic Leaders in Ohio got together in Delaware Ohio. Our main goal is to determine methods to cooperate and work together to improve all Masonry. As a secondary purpose we also work to find solutions to make the Masonic experience more enjoyable to all members. Today we discussed the possibly of creating a statewide calendar to help disseminate information and minimize major conflicts.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Union Chapter #15 Inspection

This afternoon was the Inspection for Union Chapter in the 14th District in Stuebenville in the Mark Master Degree. Our Grand High Priest, MEC Ross Black, was also present as were a couple of his grand officers for the year. They did a nice job on 3 candidates. I was glad it was in the afternoon so I could get up at a semi-normal timeframe and make the long drive over (the weather was great for the drive). It also allowed me to head to another activity of the way home in the evening.
A Grand High Priest's work is never done

Yusef Khan Grotto Installation

On my way home from the Chapter Inspection in Stuebenville, I decided to swing over by Tadmor Shrine Temple in Akron for the Yusef Khan Installation. They had the Highlander's group Installing them on the evening. Yusef Khan is one of the larger in membership Grotto's so there are several things which they can do that I haven't been able to experience in the smaller ones (such as I belong to). It was a very nice ceremony and well planned out. The outgoing Monarch was also able to install his son as the incoming Monarch. After the Installation the ladies had prepared some food for everyone before we headed out to go home.