Thursday, May 25, 2017

KYCH Meeting

Tonight was the Montgomery County KYCH Club Meeting. We met a Houston's near Lebanon for the meeting. There were too many dignitaries to mention but from the KYCH line was MWB Norm Mick and Past Prior Lynn Chadbourne. After dinner we had a nice program discussing Woodland Cemetery in Dayton. This is the second time I have heard a talk on this Cemetery and it was just as interesting as the first which was from a different viewpoint.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Star Chapter Stated Meeting

Tonight I travelled up to Mechanicsburg and started off with a visit to my friend Tom Schoff. Tom was Potentate of Antioch in 2010 while I was serving on the Divan line. He has had many health issues and can't leave the house at this time except for doctors appointments. He is in fairly good spirits and although full time on oxygen can carry on a conversation as normal. It was really a nice visit with him and his wife Collette. I then headed down to the temple which is right down the street. It was their stated Chapter meeting night but unfortunately they did not have a sufficient number to meet. We fellowshipped for a while and I headed back home. The skies turned very dark and I started getting notices for tornado warnings. I called Pam and she indicated a touchdown had happened at the next exit to where I was headed so I quickly got off the highway and watched for it to pass. Afterwards I headed the rest of the way home as soon as possible.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Interesting Day

This year I decided that I was going to start several volunteer activities. I wanted to do one with the Veterans so I'm assisting at the Wright Patterson USO office which is really nice as you get to interact with lots of young men and women (many under 25) who are serving so we can continue to enjoy are freedoms in when it means potential harm to them. I wanted to help out those in situations which they needed some assistance so I applied to volunteer at Hospice to take patients to appointments and provide their caregivers with some relief while I would visit with them. I finally passed all the inspections and tests and start on my assignments this week,  In addition, I decided I wanted to be active in improving the community and since a good friend of mine was just appointed to Township Trustee where I live, I gave him a call and he was able to suggest a community group set up to assist Miami Township and its' residents which I am checking into going to assist them. I've also been trying to assist with my Grandma, who is in a nursing home, but needs help with everything she does. These where all things I wanted to do when I retired and now am getting the chance.

Monday, May 22, 2017

McArthur #102 Stated Meeting

Tonight I went over to McArthur to their stated meeting. They had a good turnout for a smaller Chapter in which I heard was having some struggles, They had a quorum and were able to open as it was obvious they do every meeting. They had a very efficient business meeting and election of officers. After socializing for a few minutes, I was headed back home.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Irish Council Knight Masons USA

Today was the stated meeting for this group in West Carrollton where we vote on new proposals and practice for the fall when we hold our initiation and annual meeting. As a Past Excellent Chief, I luckily get to sit on the sidelines. It is a litlle special this year for me though sincce the Excellent Chief is Robert Oldfather who I appointed to the line around 8 years ago. We had a good turnout for a regular stated meeting but the best part was all the officers were present. PGM Neil Smalley, PGC Burch Zehner, PGHP Steve Duncan and PGM Mike Himes were all present. Grand Officer for Knight Masons, Martin Trent, was also in attendance.

4th District GHP Reception

Tonight was the 4th District GHP Reception and they had a nice crowd including Grand Principal Sojourner Dan Smith, Grand Master 3rd Veil Ron Hart Sr. and Grand High Priest Jeff Addis. MWB Norm Mick was also in attendance as was Dale Olson from the Grand Commandery.The evening Stated out with a nice meal provided by the Eastern Star after which we headed upstairs for the program. They also honored the late MEC Terry Myers. Afterwords, we went back downstairs for some entertainment provided by REC Harless Maynard and his wife Jennifer,

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ormus Grotto Stated Meeting

Tonight was our stated Grotto Meeting in Beavercreek. We had several pieces of business to attend with but covered all of them with relative speed. In addition, we voted to remit dues for a couple of our members in need. We also brought up about creating a degree team and assigned parts.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Shrine Greeter's Ladies Night

Tonight the Greeter's group I belong to in the Shrine had their Ladies Night Dinner. I was a great dinner and we had a super turnout. Luckily this time it was held a week earlier and Pam was able to attend with me. After we had dinner, we held our meeting while the Ladies played a few games the President's wife had created for them. After hearing from our Potentate, we all headed home.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Morning Activities

This morning I had planned to attend the 3rd Arch Council degrees in Lebanon but do to a couple things outside my control. I just headed down to the Dayton Temple to hand over an Eastern Star gavel. It appears it was the gavel used in Tippecanoe Chapter OES in 1959 to celebrate their 50th Anniversary of the Chapter. I'm hoping the Chapter sees this as a piece of their history and can put it on display instead of sitting in a box at my house.

Ormus Grotto and Khana Shahar Grotto Joint Ceremonial

Despite several last minute schedule changes with who was doing which parts, we were able to assist Khana Shahar with 2 new candidates who went through the ceremonial today in Springfield. We did the first and last sections from Ormus and they did the middle ceremonial portions. We kept the work moving along as several of us had another activity to head to shortly after closing. We also had District Deputies Tom Schliep and Tom Bevington present with Tom Bevington also being 1st VP of the Ohio Grotto Association.